Specialist Office Chair


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  • Provides positive posture support
  • Offers supreme comfort, comfortable from the moment you sit down
  • Available in various options
  • Great seating that provides comfortable support when needed

We are able to offer various chairs to suit all sizes and shapes for the working environment and we carry out chair fittings at your desk or workplace to identify the best chair. We can offer Specialist seating with a high comprehensive range to suit height ranges from 4’10” to 6’10” with a maximum weight guarantee of 30 stone on certain chairs.

We can help you achieve correct seating by making the correct seat for you, by encouraging your pelvis to achieve your seated ‘neutral’ position and by fitting your back to the correct combination of our two way adjustable lumbar and one of our 14 back shapes. The under seat mechanism will further to help you find the optimum seat height, back and seat tilt while ensuring your feet touch the ground and your arms are at 90 degrees to the key board.

We can also offer orthopaedic seating providing comfort and adjustable support for chronic back pain sufferers. With an option of specialised task back with 2 ways adjustable head res for bad back sufferers in heavy duty environments.

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