Seren Task Chair


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  • Best ergonomic solution
  • Superior task functionality
  • Comfortable the moment you sit down
  • Great for any office needs
  • Offers nothing but style and support

Simpler, Softer, Bigger, Smarter

What makes the Orangebox Seren chair so easy to use? The answer is to provide the greatest amount of adaptability but in such a way that the chair is more intuitive to use than ever.

Orangebox have removed the need for some of the usual adjustments by making the chair do the work for you. The weight balancing mechanism automatically delivers the right amount of resistance when you recline in the chair, so you can get on with what you are doing without even thinking about it.

The controls that are there are sensibly placed and clearly labelled. Where does the comfort come from? The appearance of the back yoke helps reinforce the feeling of support.

By simplifying the chair's design and assembly we are able to offer additional packaging solutions which can reduce environmental impact and delivery costs. A partially assembled chair can be shipped using half the volume of a typical chair box.

Standard Product Information

  • Headrest ( When Specified ) Black Plastic Finish Only
  • Height & Depth Adjustable
  • Upholstery Cover Material Matched to The Back Cushion
  • Back Cushion Combination  Modified High Resilience
  • Moulded Foam Capped Onto Part
  • Cover For All Fabrics Leather and Vinyl
  • Back Yoke Black or White
  • Plastic Finish
  • Options Provides 16mm of Height Adjustment
  • Arms Colour Match to Back Yoke
  • Black TPU Soft Touch Arm Pads Provides 100mm of Height Adjustment
  • Black Seat Pan Provides 75mm of Seat Depth Adjustment
  • Integrated Seat Height and Seat Depth

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