ARA Task Chair


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  • Swivel Task Chair
  • Comfort from the moment you sit down
  • Stunning designs to brighten any office
  • Quick to adjust and easy to use
  • Offers nothing but style and support

Refined performance, comfort and support

The Orangebox ARA chair is a chair of refined performance, comfort and support that redefines the perspective on sustainability. The chair is 98% recyclable but equally important is the ability to support recyclable products with better systems for recycling.

ARA is the first task chair developed and manufactured in Europe to achieve cradle to cradle accreditation. Orangebox wanted to make ARA as simple as possible both visually and functionally. It has an adaptive elastomer membrane with a unique pattern in the membrane to give the chair its distinct visual character and promotes airflow through the back.

The aluminium vertebra’s organic form is deliberately influenced by nature’s designs for skeletal structures. It is economic with material and at the same time incredibly strong and effortlessly stylish.
The ARA chair has arm support that is only there when you need it with a soft arms pad that can be rotated out of the way when required. To prevent any unexpected movement when getting out of the chair as they automatically lock in the forward position.

The traditional PU on the arm is replaced by a flexible polymer with a separate insert made from recycled foam. The result is an armrest that is robust, easy to use and probably the most comfortable Orangebox has ever made.
ARA’s character and performance are defined by the design of the chairs adaptive elastomer membrane. The rigid outer frame supports the membrane with posturally correct “S” shape and its flexibility allows it to adjust automatically to the profile of the back. ARA’s ergonomic engineering is designed to accommodate diverse body weights, shapes & sizes.

Each user can fine tune the chairs settings to their precise preferences through ARA’s seven adjustment settings, with controls that are clearly marked and intuitive to use.

1 – Multi adjustable arms, soft touch pads can be rotated 180 degrees rearward and automatically lock forward for additional safety.

2 – Multi adjustable lumbar, both height and depth adjustable for the fine-tuning seating comfort.
3 – Seat height control, Lift to raise and lower seat height.

4 – Seat slide control, Press to adjust seat depth to suit your body size.

5 – Back lock control, Lift to unlock the recline mechanism at the back of the chair, press to lock the back in the position you want.

6 – Body weight control, Turn to adjust. Tunes the tension of the back recline to suit your body weight.

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