Curvy Stacking Chairs


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  • Comfort Miracle
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Dynamic Stacking
  • Stack 45 High
  • Strong Structure
  • Linkable
  • Extra Features

Curves are always going to be beautiful but the Curvy Stacking Chairs add a new meaning to the word curvy with its slim, rare slender approach. The Curvy Stacking Chairs has an ergonomic design, which enables reflexive as well as dynamic seating. Curvy Stacking Chairs can be linkable, stack easily and once stacked they will look like a magnificent structure. As these rod steel frame chairs can come with extra features to fit any occasion:

  • Writing Tablet
  • Book holder
  • Bookrack
  • Combined linkable
  • Row distance holder
  • Various Glides
  • Linking
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