Orangebox Seren Chairs


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  • The Seren chair is the most intuitive to use.
  • All the controls are sensibly placed
  • Offers terrific value for money
  • Comfortable and supportive, the sitting experience is fantastic
  • The Seren chair has a huge family of chairs in the range for every where in the office.

The Orangebox Seren Chairs are a  beautiful chair range which is perfect as a dedicated chair or in a shared office as it has been designed to be easily adjusted for multiple users. As share work spaces become increasingly common, office environments need to adapt and be more versatile than ever. The Seren redefines the levels of quality, comfort and ease of use.

Seren has a mechanism that keeps you moving all day, automatically adjust to your body weight to give you the best support which is critically needed when you are sitting down all day whether your at home or in the office. This makes it useful for multi user situations as well no need to re-adjust the tension.

The Seren comes with a non locking backrest as standard, you are able to customize your own Seren chair with the choice of two tone upholstery at a small surcharge.

For further information on the Seren chair, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8313 3344 or simply fill out or enquiry form where it will be passed onto one of our sales team where they will contact you about your enquiry.

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