Orangebox DO Chairs


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  • Technical and upholstered mesh textiles adapt to each users body shape
  • It has great lumber support
  • The controls are intuitive & simple
  • Weight balancing mechanism adapts to any size of user
  • Simply one of the best chairs on the market

Orangebox DO Chairs is a chair with real innovation in the ergonomic chair industry. The idea is that not many people adjust chairs properly so we’ve simplified how it’s delivered so the chair is easier to set up and use. Movement in a chair is key to good health and adaptable seating is more important than ever.

It goes without saying that people come in all shapes and sizes, shared work spaces are becoming increasingly common, the need for simple task chair design. The chair can be purchased with either a free mechanism or with a tilt limiter on the recline and is available in a wide choice of either fabric or leather coloured seats and two types of mesh back. The other features like arms etc can play a vital role in the comfort for you or your staff throughout the working day.

The Do chair from Orangebox has won many awards and has passed various stringent BS strength and suitability tests. Whilst still delivering the very best quality and performance, the DO chair is the future of task seating.

For any more information on the chair and any of its available accessories or finishes, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 020 8313 3344 or fill out our enquiry form.

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