The design and production values that imbue Orangebox products are: simple, smart, never overcooked and focused on bringing innovation to real market needs. Orangebox furniture is designed to bring work and home together in a new kind of work setting – a 3rd space – where people can work in, what Orangebox terms, the Comfort Zone.

Similarly, Orangebox task chairs offer a level of design and engineering finesse married to the ergonomic pedigree that Giroflex has established over the last 40 years. The key principles of an Orangebox task chairs are: (value) ergonomics, ease of use, dimensional fit and dynamic function.

Orangebox DO Chairs

  • Technical and upholstered mesh textiles adapt to each users body shape
  • It has great lumber support
  • The controls are intuitive & simple
  • Weight balancing mechanism adapts to any size of user
  • Simply one of the best chairs on the market
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Orangebox X10 Chairs

  • X10 chair great value operators chair
  • With optimum functionality
  • Huge range high low back arms meeting , counter chairs
  • Synchronous mechanism
  • all Orangebox products come with a minimum of five years gurantee
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Orangebox Seren Chairs

  • The Seren chair is the most intuitive to use.
  • All the controls are sensibly placed
  • Offers terrific value for money
  • Comfortable and supportive, the sitting experience is fantastic
  • The Seren chair has a huge family of chairs in the range for every where in the office.
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Orangebox Joy Chairs

  • Mesh or fabric , high or low back
  • Supreme comfort  irrespective of your body shape
  • Quick to adjust and easy to use
  • Smart engineering,sound ergonomics and robust design
  • huge list of optional features
  • Ring today fro quick delivery on Orangebox joy chairs
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Orangebox Track Chairs

  • Great lounge chair ideal for reception areas.
  • Available in many different fabrics leathers vinyls
  • Long extended guarantee from new
  • comfortable and classy looking
  • looks great around a coffee table / meeting table
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Orangebox Bloom Chairs

  • Another great chair from Orangebox
  • Simple design classic design
  • Will not date years of use
  • Skid base or 4 star base
  • Adds style to casual lounge areas
  • Free delivery from Whiteley’s
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Orangebox Ogmore Seating

  • Great classic office sofa,two or three seater
  • Reception style office sofa.
  • Elegant design for executive offices.
  • Ogmore sofa upholstered leather seating.
  • manufactured in the UK by Orangebox.
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Orangebox Calder Chairs

  • Great boardroom chair high or low back
  • Looks fantastic in leather
  • Meeting room chair classic design
  • Cantilever frame or four star base
  • Chrome frame and arms
  • Huge range of fabrics to reupholster in
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Orangebox G64 Chairs

  • Giroflex G64 firm favourite chair
  •  Around for years but still a top chair
  • Great for all sizes
  • Great fit into the small of the back
  • Orangebox G64 unbeatable comfort
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Orangebox Cwtch Seating

  • High back fully enclosed
  • Acoustic seating
  • Ideal for open reception areas
  • Low back option all to match
  • Huge variation on options.
  • Can link up to provide corner options
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Orangebox Aden Seating

  • Contemporary range of chairs
  • Winged office armchair Office
  • Sled chair base armchair
  • Fabric option are endless
  • Bases huge range
  • Acoustic high back armchair
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Orangebox Boundary Seating

  • Great for large reception areas
  • Boundary huge range to fit most spaces
  • Arms with tables and power
  • Large seating capacity
  • Sofa with power and data
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