Operator Chairs

Operator chairs are specifically designed to suit the individual needs of those who work in an office environment. Comfort and adaptability is the key here, and at Whiteleys we offer both of these throughout our range whilst also ensuring that we include certain aspects of style and design.

Our Clifton chair is a prime example of this; designed ergonomically with you in mind it also has plenty of style about it. The double curve seat and mesh back is not only incredibly comfortable but looks very nice too!

The G20 chair is a great option for those who want a chair that has all of the above factors, but is eco aware. 96% recyclable and with modern, sleek design this popular model is quality with a conscience!

We also offer a choice for those who want simple quality with a great price tag. Our HIMP Operator Contract Chair is a true blessing for the budget conscious. Effective in its aims and light in price, this is the ideal option for those with an eye on their budget.

Whichever option you select, you can be sure that the Whiteleys quality stamp is on each one. We only delivery the best furniture across London, Kent and the UK so get in touch today and see for yourself.

Clifton Chair

  • Style functionality
  • Ergonomically creative
  • Mesh back
  • Double curvature seat
  • Support whilst your at work
  • Adjustable
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T7 Multi Task Seating

  • Innovative design
  • Highest level of seated comfort and design
  • High level of conference and visitor options
  • Reflex seat structure
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HIMP operator chair

  • Budget conscious
  • Contract chair
  • Quality range
  • Simple yet effective
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G20 operator chair

  • Straight and pure lines
  • Single backrest frame
  • Can be covered with 3d technical knitted mesh
  • 96% recyclable
  • Modern design
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Move up Operator Seat

  • Modern design
  • Generous volumes
  • Highly functional
  • Straight lines
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Adlington Operator Seat

  • Unique operator chair
  • Posture design
  • Budget option
  • Optional extras
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Calypso Operator Seating

  • Traditional style
  • Value for money
  • Any combination of fabric
  • Various finishes
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Tiverton Operator Chair

  • Highly versatile
  • Fulfils all modern office requirements
  • Contemporary style
  • Precision engineering
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