Leather Meeting Room Chairs


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  • Softer contemporary style
  • 3d multi adjustable arms
  • Excellent environmental credentials
  • Great ergonomic performance

Leather Meeting Room Chairs

The description leather meeting room chairs is a traditional description of an traditional style type of meeting chairs.  In the past a leather meeting chair was only really available in a couple of different shapes and generally only in Brown or Black.

These traditional leather chairs were generally of a very heavy material and only in a couple of styles.  These are still available, but the main type of leather meeting room chair is now a great deal different.

The new look leather chairs are very sleek and design led.  One of the original modern leather meeting chairs is the Eames chair and a lot of the new look chairs are based around this style. This style is a very classic look with a mesh or fabric seat or all in leather with aluminium frame.

The very new look leather meeting chairs are available in a lot of different shapes and sizes from lightweight star bases, to even lighter chrome sled based versions.  There are also tub versions and a cantilever style.

Whiteleys can supply any type of design depending on your budget.  But  please be assured that any of the meeting room chairs we supply be it the budget version or the very high end ergonomic version, will all be of the highest quality and have guarantees.

The other great thing about our leather meeting chairs is that they will still have very good ergonomic attributes that you can choose from such as seat slides, lumbar supports, height adjustable arms.  There are a mountain of colours you can choose from also from the leather and we can supply you with swatches or just email you the colours.

Why not contact one of our friendly experienced customer team on 020 8 313 3344 when we can discuss with you various options.

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