24 Hour Office Seating


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  • Memory foam
  • 4 way stretch fabric
  • Various colours
  • Mesh fabric
  • Fabulous designs
  • Comfort as soon as you sit down

24 Hour office seating is what it says on the tin. We have a wonderful wide range of designs and functionality 24 Hour Office Seating to choose from. The 24 Hour Office Seating offers you the most hardwearing chair choice for operatives who need to be seated for long periods of time. Even 24 hours!

  • Seat Height control
  • Seat depth adjustment (seat slide)
  • Backrest tilt tension control
  • Backrest tilt angle adjustment
  • Backrest height adjustment
  • Armrest Height Adjustment
  • Armrest Angle Adjustment
  • Headrest height and angle adjustment
  • Available in Mesh,Leather and various Fabrics
  • Available with our without headrests
  • Height adjustable pivtoing headrest for full crane support
  • Full synchro movement
  • Coccyx Relief Cut Out
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support
  • Adjustable Lumbar Curve
  • Memory Foam


Back : High, Medium and low.

Headrest : With headrest, Without headrest and Adjustable headrest.

Arms :  With arms, Without arms, Fixed arms and Adjustable arms.

Support :  Lumbar support, Pump up lumbar support and Lateral kidney support

Also come in various shapes, sizes and designs


Base : Silver, Steel,  White, Aluminium, Chrome.

Feet : 5 star spider with wheels and Glides.

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