Sound Station Seating


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  • Comfortable and uninterrupted experience
  • BlueTooth connectivity to virtually any device
  • Multi-purpose piece
  • A Sound cocoon

The Sound Station Chair allows the user to sit comfortably and make phone calls or listen to music with an uninterrupted experience. The cocoon shape chair isolates sound from the surrounding space and also ensuring privacy. Mostly used in the office or public spaces, the Sound Station is the perfect choice to communicate and make conference calls with the hands-free iPad Holder Accessory.

Sound Station was designed to offer the user a variety of different ways to sit. As an optional extra, you can have a foot rest which you can sit back and relax while listening to your favourite music or even when you’re on a conference call.

Sound Station has a variety of different options available. You can purchase the standalone version which does not include Technology, or you can purchase it with Technology Audiovisual Isolation / Intergrated Sound system & Receiver. It is the first chair with built-in Apple Airplay technology, also supporting BlueTooth connectivity.

There are a few accessories which can personalize your own Sound Station chair making it the way you want, but it doesn’t stop with just accessories. The most important thing you can customize with your Sound Station is the fabric. Available in Gabriel Fame or Hemp by Camira, you have a wonderful selection of fabric colours to choose from to make your Sound Station they want you want.

For further pricing details or fabric colours on the Sound Station Chair, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8313 3344 or simply fill out our enquiry form.


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