Social Space Furniture


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  • Themed Breakout Areas
  • Relaxing Areas during working hours
  • Acoustic seating
  • Encourages Good Communication

Social Space Furniture

Offices are changing and employees are realising it is important to create a working environment that incorporates not only a professional approach but also has a more “home like” feel so that employees can feel that during the long hours they are way from home they can also take time out to still feel relaxed during their long working days. This has meant a huge rise in demand for social space furniture.

To ensure this happens companies are creating small breakout social spaces in open plan working areas, so employees can be at one moment at their desk, then easily go to a more comfortable space, still within the same room.  They can then hold either informal meetings or more private meetings within acoustic proofed hubs.  These are good for holding more private conversations.

Organisations have also gone one step further from just small breakout areas to actual themed rooms where they can relax completely.

These generally high tech companies have created themed rooms such as table tennis areas and snooker.  This means the staff can not only relax but play as well.  This is all within the same building space.

Generally these social spaces consist of various breakout furniture including soft seating in individual chairs or sofas with or without acoustic sound proofing.  Modular seating areas with small cubes.  Moons and Rounds and generally a whole mix of breakout seating types.

There can also be a restaurant style bench seating.  This means that groups can sit on the same relaxed benching with other and communicate.  Also cafe style tables with stools can be used in these highly relaxing breakout social space areas.

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