March 30, 2020

Planning for a Winning Reception Desk Design

A reception desk is a functional piece of furniture where visitors are greeted. But it should be much more than that: It’s your opportunity to influence first impressions. You will be asking potential stake holders to buy into your ideas, so here is your chance to make a great first statement.

The desk design you choose will in some degree be influenced by what it is to be used for.


Practical Considerations:

How many receptionists need to be seated? Do you need to accommodate any physical storage of files or documents? Will you need space for equipment such as PCs, monitors and faxes? Are you OK with computer monitors being visible from the visitor side? Take into account the practicalities of the desk height, visibility of screens and how ‘open’ the desk should be so that as visitors approach they can easily make eye contact with the receptionist. These are areas that the Whiteleys team can guide you through.

Will you be asking visitors to complete forms or make payments? In which case we can include either a sign-in shelf or a counter shelf. Do you need to include provision for wheel-chair access? Depending on the environment, perhaps the inclusion of a kick-plate would help the front-edge of the desk to keep its pristine look.

What Size of Desk Would be Best?

This is in part going to be influenced by how many receptionists will be seated and how much equipment there will be. However, the overall desk-size will be determined by the available space in the reception area. When trying to decide how much space you have for a desk, perhaps consider marking the desk outline on the floor. This simple but useful exercise can provide a good idea of what will actually fit. Ultimately the final product needs to well-proportioned to the space and this is where Whiteleys space planning and design teams can really help.

What Look and Feel Do I Want to Create?

Now that the desk function has been covered, we come to the look and feel. This is where we can work with you to create a design that helps to build your unique company statement. A reception desk can come in a wide range of shapes. From rectangular or L-shaped, to desks with quadrant sections to create a softer return section. There are many contemporary curved desks that can be situated stand-alone or may also work well coming off a wall or pillar.

Additional Features

From LED lighting, embedded brushed aluminium stripes, high gloss finishes. There’s also the option to include the company colours or logo. These are just some of the subtle additions available to make a stunning finish.

Desk Colours and Materials

The colours and materials that are chosen might be influenced by the existing furniture in your office. A white reception desk brings a crisp finish that can work with existing colours you may have. Depending on the location of the reception area to any existing furniture, this may not be a consideration.


What finish would you like? There are wide-range of materials available, though decisions around this are most often made on available budget and on the statement you would like to make. Materials include MFC, high pressure laminate, real-wood veneers, glass and corian. Each of these have different benefits and suit different environments.

Full Project Management from Whiteleys

At Whiteleys we provide a complete project management service, from site survey, design and space planning – where needed – through to delivery and installation. Why not contact one of our friendly account managers to discuss your requirements. Whether you need a reception desk or other furniture for your office, we can guide you through the process.

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