September 14, 2016

Personal Effects Lockers

Do you require high quality lockers for your staff? If the answer is yes, then you should check out Whiteleys staff lockers, which ensure that your staff can keep their valuables and personal belongings safe, while they go about their work. It ensures that you provide your employees with a suitable alternative for keeping their belongings safe and secure, while allowing them to be highly productive during work hours as well.

Here at Whiteleys, we will provide you with a huge array of secure storage options, which will ensure that you can provide your employees with adequate protection for their belongings. You can keep the staff lockers in your changing rooms, staff rooms, and reception areas, so that your employees can easily store their valuables, and go about their business with peace of mind. We offer complete customisation of all lockers for workplaces, with different locking options, styles, designs, and colours.


Get Quality lockers for workplaces

Whiteleys Office is dedicated to provide businesses with quality lockers for workplaces, so that the employees feel safe about bringing their personal belongings to work. The staff lockers are constructed from premium materials and are of high quality, with cutting edge locking systems available on demand. The best thing about our staff lockers is that they come in different sizes, and are available in wooden, plastic and metal finishing.

If you want high quality staff locker storage solutions from us, here is what you will gain:

The staff lockers we offer are built from premium quality materials, and contain only the best locking mechanisms in the business. We want to provide you with supreme quality products, so that you are able to provide the best storage solutions for your employees. At Whiteleys we are committed towards setting high standards in all of our products, and will work with your business to provide you with custom lockers for workplaces as well.


How we work

When you choose our staff lockers for your workplace, our team will visit your premises and take measurements of the area where you want the lockers to be installed. We will provide you with a free estimate as well as consultation for the best design for the lockers in your workspace.

Once we have taken the measurements we will begin making the necessary changes to the lockers, to ensure they fit exactly in your office. Our consultants will also provide you with valuable advice about the best possible staff lockers you can get for your workplace.

The staff lockers we provide are available at the best prices in the industry, which ensure that you get value for money, along with unmatched security. It ensures that you not only create a great working environment for your workers, but can also offer unmatched security to them.

For more information regarding our lockers for workplaces, please visit our website to browse through our vast range of staff lockers.

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