December 3, 2019

Office Storage: Finding the Right Solutions for Your Office

Having to sort through stacks of papers, jumbled items and boxes of stuff lying around is not the most productive way to go about your day at the office. Aside from the stress of trying to look for items, you’re also wasting time you could have spent on other, more important tasks.

At Whiteleys Office Furniture, we aim to help you organise your workplace with high-quality office storage solutions. We carry a wide selection of storage systems, from office filing cabinets and tambours to shelves and dividers.

Types of Storage You Can Use in Your Office

Before you begin shopping, learn more about the types of storage you can use in your office. These include:

Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets are the staple storage units at most workplaces, UK offices included. These cabinets can store either A4 or Foolscap documents, although some units have space for both types. Cabinets usually range from two- to four-drawer units and have air-tight mechanisms for safety.



As the main style of open storage in the office, bookcases are an excellent way of combining display and storage. Whether for racks of files or reference books, bookcases are an affordable and practical storage solution in the workplace. They are usually made from metal, wood or wood laminate.



Pigeonhole units are handy for storing and sorting different types of communication. They are also useful for storing items such as CDs, DVDs and office stationery.


Tambour Storage

Its stylish and space-saving features make tambours a popular storage solution. Instead of opening large doors, users can slide the tambour door to the side. Ideal for workplaces where space is at a premium, tambours come in various colours and are usually lockable for security purposes.


Factors When Choosing Office Storage

Look around your office and plan the items you can file and recycle. You may already have an idea of how many units you want, but you’ll find a lot of solutions that will suit your office. Consider these factors to find the right storage for your space:

  1. Office Space

Assessing the square footage of the office will help you establish where your storage should be—on the floor, on the wall or a combination of both. Make sure that everyone in the office has enough desk and storage space to work effectively.

Consider units that enable organisation without compromising on square footage, such as mobile storage that you can tuck aside or move between workstations. Also, take into account the amount of space people need to move around furniture, open doors and drawers of your chosen storage solutions.

  1. Types of Items that Need Storage

Consider what items you plan on storing. Are you storing lightweight promotional items or heavy supplies like reams of paper? Do you need to incorporate cables into your desk storage? Answering these questions will determine the size and durability of your storage, as well as specific integrations for your existing office furniture.

  1. Size of Storage Units

Employees involved with administration and heavy paperwork need larger storage units to file documents. Offices with staff that work mostly on computers or are aiming for a paperless office will likely need smaller storage units.

  1. Security and Accessibility of Items

For valuable items like electronics or confidential documents, choose a storage system with a locking feature. If you’re storing stationery or cleaning supplies, a standard cabinet will suffice.

Think about the people who have access to the storage solution. Will the cabinet be stored in a locked room with limited access or will it be situated among desks for everyone to access?

  1. Frequency of Use

Shallow, low- to medium-height cabinets or shelves are ideal storage solutions for items your team uses regularly. If you’re storing files or boxes of paperwork, it’s better to store them in filing cabinets or shelves that are durable enough to stack.

  1. Function and Aesthetics

The right office design contributes to workplace productivity, and your storage solution plays a part in workplace aesthetics. If the storage is in a visible area, make sure it matches the colour palette and integrates seamlessly into your workplace. Consider the longevity of the storage as well. For example, shelves made of wood grain laminate are more likely to wear than shelves made of solid wood.

On the other hand, if your storage system is in a back room, aesthetics become less of a consideration. Choose storage that helps simplify daily activities and increase productivity.

  1. Organisation Growth

Think of what your office needs might be in six months, a year or three years down the road. Regardless of your immediate solution, any plans of expansion or downsizing will affect your plans of investing and installing office storage. It’s better if you slightly overestimate the amount of space your office needs for additional capacity and flexibility to accommodate change.

For best results, contact your office furniture retailer, so they can assess your space and needs. They will help you identify your storage requirements and recommend solutions that meet your budget.

Functional and Professional-Looking Office Storage by Whiteleys

Keep your office organised with office storage by Whiteleys. Whether you’re looking to archive your documents or sort supplies into appropriate places, you’ll find storage solutions that are of the best quality and can accommodate various business needs. We accept deliveries across the UK, including London and Kent.

Visit to explore our office storage solutions today, and call us on 020 8313 3344 if you need assistance.

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