October 10, 2016

Office Pods

When it comes to innovative workspaces, businesses today are really raising the bar and have come out with office pods, which actually help them create a room within a room. In recent times Office workpods have become increasingly common, and are generally useful for office work, phone calls, training, and meetings. These office workpods come with a screen panel frame, which creates a flexible workpod to move around.

You can also easily create small rooms within a room, by putting up acoustic soundproof screens that can be easily attached to wall fixings, and then demounted whenever you don’t want to use them. Whiteleys Office understands the demands of modern day businesses, especially when it comes to providing a private and quiet workplace. Most people find it difficult to concentrate, when they are working in an environment that is loud and doesn’t allow them to be productive.


Productive and private

The best part about office workpods is that they can be easily attached and detached, so that you can create a private and productive workspace, free of any kind of stress for your employees. When there are less distractions, employees are more likely to concentrate on work; this will ensure better quality work from them, while they will also be more productive in general. We provide organisations with a wide range of styles and designs for office workpods, which allow them to create their own unique workstations and floor plans. Privacy is something that a lot of employees hold dear to them, and finding a nice quiet place where they can attend to phone calls is paramount. No one likes an eavesdropper, especially if you’re on an important call that doesn’t concern the workplace. This is where acoustic phone booths are so popular, since they ensure complete privacy and secrecy of the individual.


A cohesive work environment

Every organisation today is working towards creating a cohesive and productive work environment for their employees. A workplace that doesn’t stress out employees, and ensures greater productivity, will result in a happier workforce. Some people like working in their own personal workspace, and office workpods offer them with the best option.

You can easily create a room within a room, and they can also be used for meetings, consultations, client waiting areas, or training rooms for your employees. You can use office workpods any way you want, since they are adjustable, and flexible. Whiteleys Office provides businesses with a wide range of designs, styles, colours, and sizes of portable office workpods.

The great thing about office pods is that they are affecting in reducing noise, cutting out distractions, and also giving employees a small office of their own. This motivates them to work better and harder for the organization and as a result the entire company benefits.


Office workpods for you

Whiteleys Office is one of the leaders of office workstations, and has a vast range of office pods that are available in different sizes, styles, and designs for businesses. If you require office workpods for your business, get in touch with us today.

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