December 7, 2015

Ways to Improve Your Office Design to Create More Space

Is your workspace too cramped? Do you often have to move things out of the way before you can start working? Are there too many papers on the desk that often fall onto the floor? Thinking of getting a bigger office so that all your employees and office furniture can fit easily?

To purchase a new office, you would have to make a big investment. But what if we tell you how you can increase your office space with just a little investment and fewer changes? Sounds like a good proposition, doesn’t it? Then here we go:

Best Ways to Improve Your Office Design to Create More Space

No matter how small your workspace may be, by implementing the tips we’ll share with you now, you can easily make your office look big and increase your work productivity:

Consider Shared Desking Systems

In a majority of the offices today, teamwork has become a norm. If your employees also work in teams, it’s best to replace individual workstations that occupy plenty of space with shared-desking systems. These are basically bench style desks that are simply great for collaboration between teams of 4 to 8 individuals. Their layout is focused on shared and team-based work and with these systems installed in your office; you’ll have plenty of room to move around without bumping into other people.

Wall Storage Cupboards

Say goodbye to those big storage cabinets that take up all your office floor space and consider installing wall-fitted storage areas. When it comes to innovation in office furniture, wall cupboards can’t be overlooked. They are a blessing for businesses operating in small spaces.

A wall storage cupboard is the best and one of the most innovative ways to store and organize files, making your office clutter free. And since they are wall-fitted, they take up zero floor space – Just what you need to make your small workspace look bigger.

Replace Four Legged Chairs with Gliding Chairs/Mobile Multi-Use Chairs

For impromptu, breakout and brainstorming meetings, you may have kept extra chairs for your employees to sit on. However, this can make your room look smaller because they can take up plenty of space. So, instead of getting extra chairs, consider getting your employees ergonomically designed chairs with wheels for increased mobility. This will allow them to move around easily across the room, thereby eliminating the need for stacking extra chairs in your office.

These little changes in your office furniture can help you create more walking space and besides this, when things are better organized and clutter-free, it can truly help increase your workplace productivity.

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