January 5, 2022

Interior Office Trends Predicted for 2022

2021 has been one that will live long in the memory, despite being a year to forget more than once. 


As we approach the new year with renewed optimism for offices up and down the country, we have explored five trends we can expect to see in the new year. 


Spaces will need to offer more than ever for potential office tenants 


John Jack, CEO of Galetti Corporate Real Estate, shared his thoughts on what spaces will need to offer for businesses in 2022. 


“Landlords are working hard to attract long-term tenants by offering attractive incentives such as on-site baristas, fully-equipped gyms with free access for tenants, hot showers and even rooftop bars for after-work drinks. In addition, we expect to see a continuation of rental incentives such as complimentary amenities and reduced rates,” he says.


Jack anticipates that rooms equipped for video conferencing, modular office furniture and open-plan workspaces are trends that will continue to define office space in 2022.


Divided spaces will continue to be popular


As Jack touches on, breakout areas, pods and other modular office spaces and furniture will continue to do well in 2022 as Covid-19 continues to impact businesses for the foreseeable future.


Want to find out more? Read our dedicated post on breakout furniture here. 


Fast furniture will continue to decline 


We recently covered sustainable offices and what companies should be thinking about when being more environmentally responsible. However, better quality furniture also impacts offices on a practical level, as many of them offer more flexible solutions. 


Take a rickety desk vs a purpose-built wheeled standing desk. The latter offers years of possibilities for its occupant, including being efficiently folded and moved out of the way to make room on remote working days. Companies are beginning to seem that well made, multipurpose furniture is a pandemic-proof investment. The alternative is running the risk of needing to update furniture frequently in order to keep up with the latest rules and requirements.


This is true in our homes as well, as Thomas Vibe, founder of countertop design and installation company Stone Wizard, puts it; “we’ll see less fast furniture in the years to come. People are customizing spaces to provide flexible and adaptive living areas.”


Feel good factor


Offices will need to feel as good as they look. Ramos, CEO of the cultural forecasting agency The Ideatelier, touts ‘visually stimulating colour combinations, high-tech performance designs and bamboo’ as things to look out for. Bamboo is an example of the growing trend in natural, organic elements that are becoming increasingly popular.


The connotations of wellbeing, calm and freedom with these organic design elements will help companies offer a calming atmosphere. This link between nature and interiors will be apparent in homes too, as Trendey home-design writer Andra DelMonico explains to Insider.


“Now that people have embraced the outdoor-living lifestyle, they realize they realize they can’t spend 24/7 outside,” she said, adding that natural materials could add that much-needed element of nature to the space. 


Closing thoughts 


Many of the trends will accommodate some of the demands of the times – the need to be adaptable, stress-combating and sustainable. 


We’re proud to be at the forefront of office furniture innovation and design as we move with the demands of forward-thinking organizations. 

Are you responsible for office furniture in 2022? Get in touch with us here for a free consultation to help you get it right.

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