April 24, 2014

Improving Health and Safety in the Office

It is always essential to consider health and safety in the office, as you as an employer and as an individual are responsible for the wellbeing of others. At Whiteleys we have a number of products that are readily available, designed to decrease the health and safety risks present in offices today.

Storage It is important to ensure that everything is stored away in the correct place, as spare books and folders lying around can pose a hazard, particularly if they are heavy or unwieldy. Having adequate storage in your office is crucial, so with a range of beneficial storage options, including Mobile High Density Filing let Whiteleys help you to fit out your office with all the essentials.

Flooring By using non slip rubber mats at the entrances and exits to your office, or in high risk areas, you could significantly reduce the potential for accidents occurring. Flooring comes in a wide range of materials and colours and can be tailored to suit the individual tone of your office.

Lockers To prevent the clustering of bags and coats under the desks of your office you can install locker units, which give each employee a personal space that they can use to store bags, coats and personal effects, and will also reduce the risk of a trip hazard from items being left lying around.

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