December 2, 2016

Ideas for Office Boardroom Furniture


When it comes to getting ideas for office boardroom furniture a lot of businesses don’t really understand the overall design they should be getting for their office boardroom furniture. This is why here at Whiteleys Office UK we have made it easier for businesses looking for great office boardroom furniture to acquire great furniture designs.

We want to ensure that offices are able to adequately design great offices, since we offer a wide range of office boardroom furniture. Any boardroom room or conference room needs to be strategically designed and carefully planned in order to have a positive impact on the business. If you are looking for great office boardroom furniture designs, here are a few things you need to take into consideration:



The size of the room


Make sure that the office boardroom has enough space to easily accommodate around 6 individuals at all times. The size of the room obviously depends on the nature of the organisation, the size of the task force and the clients that will be sitting in the room. Make sure that you design your office boardroom in a manner that reflects the nature of your organisation and doesn’t appear to be cramped in any way.



Number of Seats


When designing your office boardroom furniture, make sure that you provide a suitable spacing option for the boardroom tables and chairs. Boardroom tables with cable management are very popular, since they allow great seating options, while ensuring that people can actually sit comfortably without being disturbed whenever someone leaves the table.



Type of tables


There are many different types of office boardroom furniture available in the market, and whiteboard tables are a great choice, since they make the room appear bigger. Office boardrooms are often used for audio-visual presentations, so make sure that the boardroom table you choose is large enough for holding such presentations.

Making the choice for the office boardroom table is crucial because it will take center-stage in the room, and you need to be careful about the choices you make when selecting the table. Make sure that the table offers comfortable seating options, and also supports easy viewing of the projector screens. If you don’t have a large enough space in your office boardroom, you can also get boardroom tables that can be disassembled, since that will help save space.


Material of furniture


The type of material you use for your office boardroom furniture plays a great role in the type of boardroom you are planning for your employees. Solid wood is the most popular choice when designing a boardroom, but even though it offers a classic look, it is quite expensive. High quality veneer is the more affordable choice and also gives off a refined appeal to the boardroom.

Leave rooms for electronics

You should ensure that you are leaving enough room in your office boardroom for electronics, since your boardroom will also require storage for projectors, and will need efficient cable and wiring management for phone lines and other appliances.

If you’re looking for high quality office boardroom designs, check out Whiteleys Office UK today.

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