February 10, 2014

How useful Bench Desk systems are

Modern office design is evolving; with more companies / businesses progressing from the standard layout and design of multiple rooms and everlasting corridors full of different departments and offices. Most companies / businesses are moving forward with the open plan layout and design which has increasingly become popular in the UK. Open plan office allows you to have more desks and storage space instead of so many walls blocking off space to create a small office.

Managers / owners are noticing the benefits of an open plan office compared to the traditional layout as the communication and the level of work has improved. So no more internal walls blocking out the light or making the room feel more closed in. No more large annoying pillars; make the most of the freedom of space you have. To complement your open plan layout, modern desk, storage and accessories will make the most of the open plan office. Call centres and offices can have pods or acoustic screens to block the sound of other calls or general office. These offer excellent value for money particularly for smaller budget refurbishments.

For other companies / businesses the perfect desking for an open plan office is ‘Bench Desks’ which is currently the most popular range supplied at Whiteleys Office Supplies. Bench Desks are quickly taking over the office furniture industry and there are many reasons why.

The benefits of bench desking are a great value for money for more work space and storage without consuming a lot of space. Bench desk systems are generally a lot more affordable as there is more use of a work space and less legs to support the table top. A bench desk system allows you to use the maximum number of workstations that can be utilised within your office space which offers maximum efficiency.

With bench desking the possibilities are endless, you can add colour or style to your work place by using bright colour divider screens adding a burst of colour to the room or even customise the colour / style of the table tops to impress your clients, employees and visitors. Here at Whiteleys we offer a wide range of bench desk systems to choose from to suit any companies / businesses.

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