October 24, 2016

How to the Select the Best Office Chair?



When working in an office environment, employees generally have to spend a fair amount of time seated in office chairs. This has certain health implications, since the seated position adds additional stress to the spine, which causes back problems. In order to counter the health side effects of sitting for significant time periods, businesses are now looking for the best office chairs, which are ergonomic. The best office chairs promote good posture, and also support the lower back.


How to select the best office chair?

There are lots of different types of chairs available in the marketplace so how does one define the best ergonomic office chair? If you ask this question in general, people will respond by saying that the best office chair should be good for back pain, have breathable mesh, and lumbar support.


However, when it comes to selecting an ergonomic chair, there are so many options that it can cause confusion. This is why we have decided to provide you certain key indicators that will allow you to choose the best office chair for your business.


    The height of the seat

When selecting the best office chair, you should make sure that the chair can be easily adjusted according to the height of the individual sitting on it. The ideal height of the seat should be around 16 to 21 inches from the floor, which will allow a person to place their feet flat on the floor, while promoting a good sitting posture.


   Lumbar support

Lower back support is essential in the best office chair, since it is important that the chair allows people to sit comfortably in one position for a significant time period. Make sure that the lumbar spine of the chair is curving inwards, so that the individual doesn’t slouch and strain their lower spine. The best ergonomic office chairs have adjustable lumbar supports, which support the inward curve of the back and are generally good for back pain.



Make sure that the office chair has a backrest, so that it offers additional support to the back and doesn’t make it uncomfortable for individuals to be seated for a long time. The backrest should be separate from the seat, so that it can be adjusted according to the individual sitting on it. A good backrest supports the natural curve of the spine, and offers good lumbar support, so that it doesn’t lead to any back pain.


    Seat material

The seating material is also very important, since it should be very comfortable. The best office chair should have breathable mesh, so that it doesn’t cause the individual to sweat, when seated for an extended period of time.


    Arm rests

The best office chairs should have arm rests that are adjustable, so that it allows an individual to comfortably rest their arms and allow their shoulders to be relaxed. The arms and elbows should be able to rest lightly, while the forearm shouldn’t be resting on the armrest while typing.

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