January 12, 2017

How To Plan An Office Fit Out



Let’s get one thing straight, planning an office fit-out is no easy task, since you need to get everything spot on from the beginning. The interior of any office should be thoroughly planned and organised, since it will be where the employees will spend their days, and clients will come visit the business. That is why it is important that you pay proper attention to the office fit-out.

It isn’t surprising to learn that a lot of businesses hire professional office fit-out services, since that takes most of the pressure of them. They can give the professionals a rough idea of what they want, and get high quality services along with an interior design that works for their organisation. So if you’re planning for an office fit-out with a collaboration zone, here are some things you need to learn:




Get a rough estimate about the project


One of the first things you have to do is get a rough estimate about the overall cost of the office fit-out. It will allow you to make decisions that will match with your budget, and also keep a check on unnecessary spending as well. You need to compare different estimates from companies and then decide about the possible changes you can afford for your office fit-out plan. Make sure that you have budgeted properly, and check the cost for the following things in the estimate:


  • Design brief
  • Building assessment
  • Technical plans
  • Material delivery
  • Project management
  • Construction

Once you have the rough estimate about the entire project, you will understand in which areas you can afford to have budget cuts.



Keep your branding in mind


Modern day offices have interior designs that match with the branding of their organisation, which is something that you will have to keep in mind as well. The office fit-out should reflect the culture and personality of your business, and also leave a suitable impression on your clients as well. It is a form of marketing as well, which is why a lot of businesses are looking for office fit-outs that match with the branding of the organisation.

So when you’re designing the office fit-out, make sure that you keep the following things in mind:

These are the top tips in how to plan an office fit out

  • Overall appearance
  • Company values
  • Company mottos and vision
  • Brand colours

The best office fit-out specialists will allow you to meet all of the above requirements and will help your office fit-out match with the branding of your company.




Efficiency of the system designs


Make sure that the final office fit-out matches with the needs of your employees, and will be able to properly instil the core values of the company into them. You will also have to take into account about the workplace designs that will suit your employees and help design a collaboration zone that will make them more productive. So make sure that you keep the following things in mind:

  • Air conditioning units
  • Thermostats and heating vents
  • Switches and power plugs
  • Windows and lights
  • Fans, ducts, and ventilation


If you’re looking for the best advice on how to plan an office fit-out, then get in touch with Whiteleys Office Furniture in the UK today. We work to any deadline and within any budget.

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