May 12, 2017

How to Design Office Space with Social Space Office Furniture

Businesses and organisations today have realised that in order to retain and recruit young talented people, they have to ensure that the work environments they provide are flexible and attractive and social space office furniture is the latest way to introduce this to the workplace.


The time when you saw rows of closed cubicles lined up in a workplace is fast disappearing, as organisations move towards the future with new designs of office furniture that are designed to promote greater work productivity, and collaboration.


The latest buzzword in the business world is collaboration, which can be hard to accomplish when your employees are locked in cubicles with no communication with others. Millennial employees find it too boring and hard to be isolated and confined in rows of cubicles, and this leads to depression, lower work satisfaction, and low productivity levels.


Improve your modern office.


In order to ensure that things are done the right way, a lot of companies are adopting the social space office furniture plan, which has yielded great results in terms of productivity. Businesses have started thinking more along the lines of what works best for their employees instead of what works best for them. That is the reason why they are doing away with cubicle walls, and are promoting employee workstations that are based on an open-space plan. This has vastly improved productivity in the workplace, and businesses are now doing away with cubicles and promoting social space office furniture. If your organisation is interested in maximising employee satisfaction and production, then check out how to revamp your office space, with these ideas on making your office space better:


1. Movable furniture Offices are now looking to add movable office furniture in their workplace, which includes movable desks and chairs. This allows greater work collaboration among employees, and also allows them to work on laptops, instead of desktop computers. They can also use filing cabinets on wheels for storage, and the seating arrangements can be flexible, allowing greater workflow.


2. Seating alternatives When it comes to ‘sitting’ in the workplace, it has been called a health hazard, as employees that are sitting at their desks for six to seven hours, are more likely to face health complications further down the road. A recent study conducted by a university found that sitting between 8 to 11 hours a day, will reduce your lifespan by about 15%. That is the reason why standing desks, and higher desks are recommended, as it allows employees to change positions and standup on a regular basis. The other alternatives you can use are treadmill desks and yoga balls in the workplace.


3. Collaborative meeting spaces You can also replace your large board room with small meeting rooms that can accommodate around six people. This will allow staff members to come together in order to discuss projects in a relaxed environment. You should ensure that the furniture you have in these rooms is as comfortable as you can get, which means getting small sofas or club chairs, instead of traditional office chairs.


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