August 17, 2016

How to choose office furniture


So you have been given the task of buying and sourcing new office furniture. The question is where do you start?  This can prove to be quite a tricky and difficult task especially if it is something that you have not much knowledge of or maybe have never had to purchase before.



Once you begin your search to what is available it can become very difficult and confusing to decide upon the best range to go for, as there is so much choice, especially if you are looking at various supplier websites who supply office furniture.

You will come across so many styles and price ranges to choose from and it can become all very confusing indeed!

Probably one of the best ways to start before you even go into searching more intensely is to go back to basics and make a list of your priorities.

The main top 5 priorities

  1. What office space you have available to fit the furniture in
  2. What budget you have to spend on the furniture
  3. The time frame for when you actually need the office furniture installed
  4. The style you are after e.g. contemporary, traditional, designer, budget range etc
  5. The colour, fabrics and finishes you are looking for to fit into your corporate look.

Once you have decided on these priorities you are then in a better position to start making enquiries to the various office furniture companies you are interested in getting a quotation for.


However, it will still be very difficult for you to decide on the best furniture supplier to approach, especially if you are searching on the internet, as you could easily get caught up with first impressions on a nice image, a cheap price etc and the company who have this advertised may not necessarily be the best company who can totally fulfil your top 5 priority list to complete your office furniture project to your satisfaction.

Here at Whiteleys we have been supplying new and repeat office furniture requirements for many different types of clients, such as colleges, offices, schools and various businesses small and large since 1989.

In fact the majority of our customers are clients who have used us once and come back for more furniture.

We pride ourselves on listening to your top 5 priorities, and making sure that we tailor your quotation and project around these, so you can be assured of a totally bespoke office furniture package that will meet all your timings and budgets.

We could also send out to visit you one of our friendly team to measure up your office space and get free of charge detailed space planning, and even provide CAD drawings for you to use to decide on the number of desks, screens, chairs and storage to fit in your specific area and help you decide on your office furniture.


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