March 17, 2017

How Acoustic Hubs Improve Office Productivity

Numerous studies have revealed that a greater number of employees are in favour of open-office plans, and this has resulted in organisations going away from traditional cubicles. They are instead adopting employee lounge spaces in the workplace, which offers greater flexibility, as collaboration and agile working have started becoming commonplace.

However, this has resulted in greater noise, stress, and anxiety levels in the work environments, and to maintain the productivity in open plan areas the noise pollution needs to be handled properly.

Open office plans do really have some business pros as well, but coming up with a noise solution can be a bit difficult.

The solution can be found in the form of acoustic hubs, which are great for soundscaping, as they allow designated quiet spaces. Acoustic furniture is in-demand as it can fit in seamlessly in open-office plans and also provide employees with the necessary privacy they seek. The great thing about acoustic furniture is that it is created with special fabrics that increase privacy, reduce noise, and allow for greater focus and attention.

Therefore it is regarded as the perfect solution for employees, who want to work in an environment with less noise. If you’re thinking about getting acoustic furniture for the workplace you should consider the most recommended acoustic furniture that are available in the market today:

Cocoon or acoustic hubs The cocoon or acoustic hubs offers great use of space, as employees can sit in small cocoons or acoustic hubs, and even take phone calls in a standing position. It completely blocks out foot traffic and sounds, and it can even mean employees don’t need a separate break room, since they can relax in it. Businesses that don’t have the space for an employee lounge or don’t have multiple floors in an office building can opt for cocoons or acoustic hubs.


Acoustic Chairs Acoustic chairs are regarded as perfect for open plan offices that do not have a dedicated seperate employee lounge. These office chairs offer flexible seating, and can be moved around the office as well. They are well suited to be placed in a casual reception area, which is used to a lot of telephone calls and entry hall noise. New acoustic furniture concepts are being introduced by businesses to meet the growing demand, and acoustic furniture has greatly enhanced production levels for them as well.


Wall Acoustic Panels If you have ever sat in a conference room, and were constantly disturbed by sounds coming from outside, you now have the perfect solution. There are wall acoustic panels now that keep out noise from the outside, and also act as good decoration for the workplace as well. The best part is that employees can also pin presentation items on the panels as well.


Modular Screens

Another great acoustic furniture piece is the modular acoustic screen, which can be set up in an open space to create a soundproof area temporarily for collaboration or meetings.


If you’re looking for acoustic furniture check out Whiteleys Office Furniture UK.

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