September 9, 2020

Here’s Why You Need to Get Acoustic Furniture in Your Workspace

Modern offices and workspaces are often open space. This has many benefits – mainly versatile work areas where you can have meetings, calls, and even eat.

However, with a lack of walls or barriers in these spaces, there is an increase in noise level. Imagine you walk into a busy diner or cafe – the noise can be overwhelming.

Obviously, when you are working, this kind of background noise can be distracting. That’s where acoustic furniture comes into play.

What is acoustic furniture?

You likely guessed it; acoustic furniture is specially designed with specific fabrics and size specifications to reduce noise. It’s predominately used in office settings to help with attention and focus.

However, establishments like restaurants also make use of acoustic furniture – again, reducing the noise around them and also heightening privacy.

So, what are the different kinds of acoustic furniture that you can choose from?

Acoustic wall screens

The easiest way to reduce the sound level in works-paces is to mount acoustic panels. These office panels have two benefits – they split up open areas, creating smaller meeting rooms for example, and also reduce the noise level in the room.

These are perhaps the most well-known kind of acoustic furniture.

Light shades

Something a little less known – acoustic light shades. Not only do acoustic light shades look beautiful, but they also meet a functional purpose, too.

If you want to keep your workspace open plan (which is very common for London offices), light shades are a great alternative. They stay out of the way but still absorb sounds.

Tables or desks

These staple pieces of office furniture can also be found as acoustic versions. Just like the light shades, they blend in – making the office space look open plan and modern.

When it comes to office furniture, London really sets the standards. With high-tech modern designs, their office spaces and meeting rooms look contemporary but work functionally.

One of the main reasons for this is acoustic furniture. This makes spaces more versatile.

The importance of acoustic furniture

Studies have shown the relation between sound control and employee wellbeing and satisfaction. This really isn’t a surprise, either. It’s obviously much harder to work in a room which has a large amount of sound.

Research has shown that those physical symptoms of stress, and actually a loss of productivity is evident when people are exposed to too much noise.

That, in itself, is enough to justify acoustic furniture.

Otherwise, acoustic furniture also proves to be beneficial when workers need to make confidential phone calls or private one-to-one meetings. It acts as a privacy shield.

So, if you are either looking for private spaces in your office or want to reduce the noise levels in your office – acoustic furniture is the streamlined, practical solution.

If you want to find acoustic furniture, that will elevate your room aesthetically, but bring down the noise levels, visit our store.

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