June 3, 2020

Great Office Through Furniture Leasing

In some of our recent blogs we have looked at office design and layout, ergonomic chairs and different ideas for screens and panels for shielding. There is a lot to think about in terms of office and office equipment, particularly as business owners are responsible for ensuring that the office furniture meets good health and safety practise.

Creating a good office design and the right culture and feeling within the company is something that can be worked on. Business owners are realising that the right design and layout affects staff retention and helps to influence and attract new clients by gaining a competitive advantage. These are not areas to be overlooked! How then can this be achieved in the current climate when businesses may want to avoid one-off upfront payments for furniture?

Furniture Leasing

This is where furniture leasing could be worth considering. Leasing simply means the rental of goods rather than buying outright. Right now – in the current business climate – business may not have the cash flow, or if they do they may prefer avoid capital expenditure costs. Where businesses may be considering a re-layout of the office – or purchasing health and safety or shielding equipment – leasing is a great way of achieving these goals but spreading the cost over a leasing agreement. There will be a fixed monthly fee for the furniture and that way any large up-front costs can be avoided. So leasing is a route to having better financial control, thereby helping the business’ bank balance and cash-flow, ensuring there is enough cash-flow for important and immediate operational requirements.

Regular Fixed-Term Payments

Lump sums of capital expenditure can be avoided and instead opt for tax-efficient (100% of payments are tax allowable) operational expenditure. To help with budgeting these will be fixed monthly payments.

Keeping up with Office Trends

Leasing gives businesses the flexibility to upgrade or add-on furniture to the lease agreement. Again avoiding the up-front costs, so it’s generally an easy process to make changes to your office furniture, as and when needed.

There is a lot to consider when planning changes to the office. Why not get in contact to discuss your requirements? Even if you need a second opinion or advice, we are help to help. We also offer full space planning and design services. Please do get in contact on 0208 313 3344 or email [email protected]

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