April 6, 2020

Getting the Right Home Working Arrangement

Create a Separate Area for Work

Where possible, create a separate area for work. So this ideally would be an office or other area that is away from the main living areas. This will help avoid irritations and interruptions – helping you stay focused on work and keeping the appropriate boundaries between work and home-life.

Sit Well

OK, if you want to sit on a dining room chair or a cheap office chair, that’s probably alright for an hour or so but sitting on a chair that’s not suitable for any length of time can cause aches and pains and if you are sat consistently on the wrong chair for the work you are doing – this can contribute to musculature problems in the long run.

A well-padded ergonomic chair with plenty of adjustments and good lumbar support will be well worth it. Leather-look executive chairs can look grand, but often the seat and back are joined, thereby offering no independent seat and back adjustment. Taller users may benefit from a seat slide to provide extra seat depth. We’re here to help!  The Whiteleys team can quickly guide you through the many options to get the right chair for you.

Screen Positioning

Give consideration to the position of the screen. This may seem a trivial point but if overlooked then this can cause neck and upper back problems. To avoid twisting or turning of the neck and shoulders, the best position of the screen is directly in front of you. Try and avoid having it off-set from centre.

Your screen should be about arms-length away (around 500-700mm) and when you are sat in an upright position with your head level, the top of your screen should be about level with your line-of-sight. If your screen is too low or too high – for any length of time – this is where you’ll begin to get neck ache. Give consideration to the screen size. If the screen is too small there will be a tendency to lean forward and this can lead to upper-back and shoulder pain.

Tilt Your Screen Slightly Upwards

Tilt the screen so that the bottom is slightly closer to the user than the top. This will enable the display to be viewed more clearly.

Monitor Arms

Having a monitor arm is a great way of lifting clutter off the desk, enabling the screen to be easily adjusted to the user’s needs. Virtually all flat screens will attach to a monitor arm through the VESA plate that is supplied. For a secure attachment to the desk there is the option of clamping the screen to the back of the desk; otherwise a clamp through one of the cable management port holes. Whiteleys does a range of single or dual screen monitor arms.


There are a range of desks available for quick delivery and in a variety of finishes. From crisp white through to wood-grain effect. To avoid long hours of sitting at a desk, we have the option of electric height adjustable desks too.


To help keep your desk clutter-free, how about considering an under-desk pedestal. These are available in standard width – or if your desk is narrower – we have the option of slim-line pedestals.

We are Here to Help

Why not contact one of our friendly account managers to discuss your requirements? We can make recommendations so that you get the right office set-up.

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