August 24, 2016

Floor to Ceiling Fitted Wall Storage


Every business today wants to make the most of their available floor space, which is why they continue looking for options such as floor to ceiling fitted wall storage. It serves the purpose of saving space, and allowing an efficient work space environment to develop. In an era where high rental costs can cripple the finances of an organisation it is imperative that businesses make full use of their available floor space, so that they can continue operating at optimum levels.

This is where the team at Whiteley’s excels at, since we help organisations develop an efficient and cost effective work space. If your organisation is looking for similar measures then storage walls present an exceptional solution in that regard, since they can help you save around 30% of your entire floor space. You can then use that space for anything that you want, and it will also make your office work space look more presentable at the same time.


Giving the power back to you

The main reason why we recommend floor to ceiling fitted wall storage to organisations is because it allows them to create meeting rooms and modular offices with relative ease. Simply adding pass through doors and glazed panels will allow them to create another room. The best part is that these storage walls don’t need to be installed in straight lines, because we have got a team of designers that can easily create curved storage walls for your use as well.

Here at Whiteley’s we are constantly pushing the boundaries of creating new manufacturing techniques that allow organisations to create modern and spacious work space stations. We mix cutting edge technologies with new materials to enhance the design opportunities with the help of curved and wave walls. We can also install and supply floor to ceiling wall storage along corridors as well, and therefore provide you with more space for your workstation or office.

Here are some of the benefits that you can gain from our floor to ceiling fitted wall storage:

  • Continuous flowing lines
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Elegant and discreet office Storage
  • Free Installation
  • Good use of corridor space
  • High capacity


We want to provide the power back to organisations so that they can create futuristic and cost effective offices at the same time. Businesses today are constantly on the lookout for office designs that allow them to make the most of their office space, while also boosting employee morale and productivity.

Here at Whiteley’s we are masters of providing organisations with the best office work space stations in the United Kingdom.

We have a team of experienced designers who can also create customised floor to ceiling fitted wall storage for your office. If you are interested please contact us now on 020 8313 3344 in order to discuss the specific arrangements you want for office.

We are the best at what we do, and our aim is to ensure that organisations are able to create economical and productive work spaces.

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