February 2, 2017

Fabulous Hag Sofi Mesh Chair

The Fabulous Hag Sofi Mesh chair range is the result of an in house design collaboration team, who have created the next generation of task chairs.

The new Hag Sofi Mesh range manages to combine funtionality with beautiful aesthetics, and most important of all the best user friendly experience.  This is because the Hag Sofi Mesh Chair offers the user all the variations but without the need or manual adjustment.

There is a unique mechanism that allows users to shift forward as well as backwards to find balance in motion with minimised effort.

All the features and mechanisms on the Hag Sofi Mesh Chair are compact and hidden away.

The chair will suit most people and will fit in anywhere.

The front tilt on the chair opens the hop angle propelling the body forward and promoting a healthy upright posture.

Mesh is available in Black or Light Grey.

There is an optional headrest.

Choose from a wide collection of fabrics & colours for the seat

Unique armrests innovation allows the user to move closer to their desk and invites them to sit sideways or use the armrests as elbow support.

The innovative mesh back is of a warp knitted heavy duty mesh using an innovative yarn construction to give increased strength providing enhanced comfort support and appearance.

Combined with a precisely located and positioned padded lumbar support that easily adjusts to the body.

There is also the addition of a footrest that provides a comfortable way to move and vary the position of your feet.

why not contact our friendly team now for more information and the best price available for the fabulous Hag Sofi Mesh Chair

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