December 1, 2016

Examples of Meeting Room Chairs to Inspire You

Meeting room chairs are specifically designed to use in conference, meeting, and other rooms where you may entertain clients or guests. It is important that the meeting room chairs you have are comfortable and ergonomic, since you may have to sit for hours on end in presentations or meetings. Finding the right quality meeting room chairs is very important for your neck and back health.


This is why most offices generally prefer meeting room chairs that promote good posture and are comfortable enough to sit in for hours without affecting their health. When choosing meeting room chairs you have to consider the different designs as well, and some of the most common designs are:


    • High back
    • Mid back
    • Leather
    • Modern
    • Wood


There are lots of different types and designs of meeting room chairs in the market, which is why it may become confusing making the right choice for your office.



Luxury meeting room chairs


When you are looking at meeting room chairs, luxury and quality should be right at the top of your agenda, but you should also pay attention to the functionality of the chairs as well. At Whiteleys Office we know what type of meeting chairs that will fit best in offices throughout the UK. Our most popular luxury meeting room chairs are the:

    • X10 Chair
    • Chair Joy Chair
    • Una Meeting Chair


X10 Chair


The X10 chair is a simple choice, but it offers great value for money, and has a combination of high engineering, innovation and design. These chairs are stylish and comfortable, while you can choose them in either fabric or leather designs to add instant charm to any meeting room.



 Joy Chair


The Joy chair is more luxurious, and has a fusion of contemporary style and classic designing. It has been incorporated with giroflex technology, which ensures greater comfort and sturdiness. These chairs are available in white and black colours that instantly make a great impression in meeting rooms.



Una Meeting Chair


The ultra modern Una meeting chair is the perfect choice for cutting edge meeting room designs. The chair has an elastiscated and breathable mesh lining combined within a structure of aluminium and finished with chrome polish. These chairs are stylish and affordable at the same time, which makes them a great choice for any meeting room.




Whiteleys meeting room chairs


When you are looking for meeting room chairs that inspire you and add a bit of charm and charisma into meeting rooms, it is advised that opt for Whiteleys meeting room chairs. We have meeting room chairs that will fit your requirements of usability and comfort, while there are lots of different styles available as well. The majority of meeting room chairs that we offer have adjustable components, which is a highly attractive feature for offices that have inspirational meeting room designs these days.

So if you are looking for examples of meeting room chairs that inspire you, come check out Whiteleys Office for the best and most inspirational meeting room chairs in the UK.

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