March 22, 2017

Establishing Zones in Your Office for Improved Productivity

Offices need to be functional, comfortable and easy to use — you need to create an environment that improves productivity and maximises the space available to you. Ergonomics plays a large part in setting up your office, as you want a positive, creative yet professional atmosphere that encourages collaboration and efficiency.

Your office layout and your choice of furniture is a major factor that affects your workers’ morale and productivity. One of the best ways to design your office is to establish various zones that are set aside for specific activities. The addition of zones is especially useful for an open-plan office layout.

Here are some examples of zones that work:


Independent Zones

Independent zones are spaces designed for focused, individual tasks — this primarily consists of desk workstations and private offices. Independent zones allow people to work on their own tasks and requirements. Independent zones should be separate from noisy areas and should have clear boundaries. The use of screens helps provide ample privacy for individual workstations.



Collaboration Zones

Collaboration zones are areas designed for team tasks — conference rooms and meeting rooms fall under this category. In this zone, team members are supposed to talk, discuss and work with each other to come up with new ideas or solutions to problems.

Collaboration zones benefit from having large conference tables and a multiple, comfortable chairs.



Shared Zones

Shared zones are somewhat different from collaboration zones — they are areas meant to be shared between various teams and are not permanently occupied by anyone. Areas such canteens and ‘fun zones’, which often include games and ping-pong tables and are ideal for enjoying a coffee break or simply for letting off steam after working for hours.

Shared zones add value to your office because they give employees a place to relax and recharge before returning to work

Setting up the right zones contribute to the productivity of your office spaces. Let Whiteleys Office Supplies create a bespoke office interior design for your business. Contact us today.

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