January 29, 2015

Ergonomic Desks

There are two main types of ergonomic computer desks:

Usual standard sitting type of ergonomic computer desk, or Standing type of ergonomic computer desk.

Both can be height adjustable to various levels with the standing one being able to be set to standing height if required. An adjustable standing desk will mean that users are able to sit or stand for periods throughout the day by just pushing a button.

The healthiest way to work is to switch between sitting and standing throughout the working day. The main goal of the ergonomic computer desk is to provide proper adjustment for the placements of the elements in order to provide maximum comfort to the user.

The ergonomic computer desk should provide adequate clearance for the users’ legs and allow proper placement of computer accessories.

Unless you have a basic form of budget desk most ranges of desks offer various methods of adjusting the height of the desk.

The basic height adjustment is fixed and assembled for the first time when the desk is set or can be adjusted at a later date if the desk is reassembled.

The adjustment cannot be made by the user and usually requires dismantling the desk. This enables the employer to meet their responsibility for the Disabilities Discrimination Act at a very basic level for an employee who may be very tall or very short.

The second type of height adjustable desk is a mechanical desk top life mechanism and is operated by a lever or a crank handle, This is a more flexible option as it is good where desks are shared and means that the user can adjust the height very easily.

The third method uses as electric motor to turn the drive shaft. This means by the press of a button the adjustability of a desk can be changed and is best for people who need to adjust their height of the desk many times during the day and is good for where desks are shared by wheelchair and disabled employees. It is the most user friendly but the most expensive option. The uk desk market is trying to accommodate the demand for this height adjustability and manufacturers are building height adjustments into a lot of their latest designs where possible.

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