Since it was established in 1989 the management team and directors at Whiteleys have taken a conscious decision to consider any environmental implication that their company can offer.

In order to do this they have implemented the following:

  1. They will only work closely with key suppliers who have a full sustainability and environmental supply chain to offer us.
  2. Constantly monitoring the internal and external environmental impact on all the company operations.
  3. Ensure that all our company vehicles are carbon neutral and continuously look to lowering our fuel and energy usage.
  4. Analyse any company activity to ensure any risk of pollution, contamination or other environmental impacts are controlled and if possible eliminated.
  5. Reducing and recycling waste throughout the entire supply chain.
  6. Offering our clients a one source of supply for their office interior solutions to reduce their administration costs and reduce the number of deliveries they receive.

The company environmental policy is regularly reviewed and where appropriate updated.

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