August 17, 2016

Divider Wall

When it comes to designing and planning your office layout flexibility of space has become a vital factor for organisations. The need to have space in working environments can be fulfilled with divider walls, which are movable walls that have sliding folding portions. They allow you to not only divide your office, but also ensure that you are able to use space efficiently, economically and effectively.

That is why there has been a significant rise in the sales of divider walls in recent times, since they can be moved and shifted according to the requirements of the organisation. These wall dividers can be used to sub-divide an office or a classroom, and also provide you with the option to do other functions in a room. You can create small rooms in a large open floor space with the help of a divider wall, which will guarantee you more space and efficiency.

Sometimes businesses don’t have the budget to expand their working space, and instead of getting another floor, they can choose the simple option of dividing the room. Divider walls ensure that you get the perfect solution for more space in a large floor space, since you can create a number of rooms simultaneously. The best part is that it fits both your budget and your requirements at the same time.


The Whiteleys advantage

The great thing about Whiteleys is that they are masters of creating high quality products that will enhance the quality of your life. When it comes to wall dividers we have got the very best products in the business, which are designed specifically to meet your requirements. We make sure that all of our products meet the highest standards of quality and are manufactured completely in the United Kingdom.

If you’re looking for impressive looking wall dividers to create more space in your office, then you should check out the entire collection of wall dividers we have. We guarantee complete satisfaction with our products, and can help you accomplish any project that you have got in mind.


Options galore

The best part about getting wall dividers from Whiteleys is that we offer you with an impressive array of choices. We have got different varieties and styles of wall dividers, which can provide you with different functions required for your storage or space options. We want to provide solutions to businesses and organizations that are flexible, and help advance cost savings.

Think about how you will be able to utilise that extra space with high quality wall dividers from Whiteleys. The best part about them is that these wall dividers can also be transformed according to your requirements and help you get the necessary finish that you require. We also provide our customers with free survey, design, and installation.

Here are some benefits that you can get from our wall dividers:

  • Sliding in ceiling or floor mounted
  • Real wood veneer
  • Quality track system
  • Can divide any office in minutes

Contact us now on 020 8313 3344 and talk with us to discuss about your specific requirements for wall dividers today.

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