March 5, 2014

Creating Good First Impressions With New Clients

Building strong, long lasting relationships with clients is essential, as it creates good business links that you can refer to. When you first establish a relationship with a new client, it is important to give your clients a good and long lasting impression of the quality of your business, and this can be achieved to great effect with suitable office furniture.

First Impressions Your client will form an impression of your business the moment they enter the building, particularly if it is the first time they are meeting you. Good presentation and a friendly atmosphere is crucial. If you have an open plan, colourful reception area with helpful posters, comfortable reception seating and information dotted around, your clients are going to feel a lot more welcome than coming in to a cramped monochrome reception with hard wooden chairs and no signs of artwork or colour.

Suit the Tone

However it is also important to keep to the general tone of your business. If you are an established law firm, then perhaps something from the Richmond Reception range would be better suited to your offices than more contemporary designs befitting trendy new media agencies. The important point is to maintain a professional feel while at the same time allowing your client to feel at home, or at the very least, at ease, when visiting your office.

Whiteleys Office provide a huge range of different meeting room chairs and reception furniture for all businesses large and small. Next week we will be looking at the effects on different meeting room furniture to maintain a good first impression when meeting clients, new and old.

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