March 11, 2014

Continuing Good First Impressions With New Clients

When you are conducting a client meeting, it is important to make your client feel at home. This can be easily achieved through the careful choice of furniture used in your meeting rooms. By setting the tone of the meeting room in its furnishing, your client will feel more at ease during the meeting. Clients that feel more relaxed are more open to suggestions and therefore more likely to form strong relationships. In short, making your client feel at ease during a meeting is essential if you want to build a bond with this client on a professional level.

Beverages A hot beverage is a great way to break the ice and make your new client relax. Offering the client any kind of drink will help to create a relaxed, friendlier atmosphere and will also help to build a constructive relationship with the client.

If your client refuses a drink, this may be out of politeness. Gently insist once more, perhaps listing the options available, then if your client refuses a second time, leave it. Some people may feel pressured to refuse out of politeness, so this gentle insistence may put them more at ease.

Neutral Parties Hosting the meeting in a quiet space with comfortable seating is essential. You are free from distractions and because your client is provided with comfortable ergonomic seating, they will be more at ease. If you are having a group meeting, try not to overwhelm or intimidate the client. Any more than two colleagues plus yourself and it will start to feel more like an interviewing panel!

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