August 6, 2012

Conference/Boardroom Tables

Conference/boardroom tables may go further back in history than we know, but the idea and concept of boardroom tables only became popular in King Arthur’s time because of his ‘Round Table of Knights.’ The symbolism of the Round Table developed over time, becoming the Knights of the Round Table by the 12th century.

Until the recent past the design and the concept had not changed. They were large dark wooden tables, in a big room that was exclusively for the use of the very top level of the company. Design and material has moved on a lot since then and there is also no longer a need for such a lot of space.

In most instances boardrooms have now been replaced and moved on to a multifunction room, which can offer a wider range of staff usage and possibilities.

For example as a:

  • Training room
  • Lecture room
  • Examination room
  • Function room
  • Presentation room
  • Audio visual room
  • Council room
  • Meeting room
  • Committee room
  • Events room

We can offer wonderful furniture from divine and modern design tables to match your liking, from glass conference tables to flip-top tables that pack away, helping you make full use of your space.

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