March 7, 2017

Collaborative Office Furniture Design

Collaborative Office Furniture Design

Nowadays businesses are moving towards open-plan office spaces with collaborative office furniture design.This to ensure greater flexibility, easier information transfer, and more productivity.

In the fast move business world, spontaneous collaboration, presentation and seminar spaces, stand-up meetings, discussions and workshops in small, informal settings, has become the norm. This is mainly down to the fact that team performance actually beats individual achievement, and because greater interaction and communication allows increased performance and job satisfaction among employees



How Furniture Choice Affects Collaboration


Collaboration is the keyword here, and it has become central to innovation in every industry, since it drives business growth. Implementing solutions, and solving problems requires, people to come together in teams, and share ideas quickly so that solutions are found readily.

Collaborative work is also more dependent on technology, and as private offices and workplaces start shrinking, the need for smart, flexible, and functional collaborative furniture has become imperative. You will find that almost every workplace nowadays will strive to strike the balance between analog and digital technology, which is exactly what collaborative office furniture design brings to the table.

In order to help you find the best collaborative office furniture design available, we have decided to compile the top 5 collaboration furniture and technology solutions that will allow you to transform your open-plan office space into a productive and agile meeting place.



Mobile Office Screens & Displays

This is a truly versatile category, since it allows you to immediately turn any unused office space into a spontaneous collaboration zone. You can easily do that by adding mobile display and office screens, which are great for agile projects and teams that need instant and unplanned collaboration in the office. There are several options available, with unique designs that will allow you to form your own unique collaborative office workspace. You can even have your mobile office screens in an acoustic foam which will mean greater privacy for mini style meetings.

Interactive Technology

In order to form a dynamic collaboration space, you need to combine both analog and digital capabilities, which can be done through interactive displays. Businesses today realise that in order to connect people anytime, and anywhere with all the components they need interactive technology. The great thing about interactive technology is that whether you install it in a café, a multi-purpose room, meeting rooms, or in learning labs, it will enhance the operations of these rooms with focused solutions.


Social Space Breakout Furniture

Breakout furniture can also be used to transform informal meeting rooms, and offer a place for lunch, where you can welcome guests. The great thing about Breakout furniture is that it helps you make better use of space, since it is multi-functional and on the other hand very cost-effective as well. You can optimise time and space, while also improving daily operations in your workspace.


Teaming Stations

You can easily set up teaming stations by pulling out shared tables, which are one of the most recommended collaboration furniture. They also allow you to make stand alone solutions for meeting rooms, since they can placed throughout a floor plan.


Collaborative Lounge Furniture

Meetings are now commonly taking place in lounge environments, with comfortable and casual furniture, ensuring that meetings can take place in a fun environment. This type of solution also adds productivity and efficiency in the workplace.


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