February 20, 2020


Want Productive, Engaged Employees? Provide a Creative, Comfortable, Environment


By removing the physical walls that divided the workspace into private offices, companies aim to bring down the metaphorical walls between employees, to create an environment of collaboration. The idea of the open plan office – is that with open access to colleagues – communication between employees would improve.


This sounds realistic but the reality can be different and research has shown that an office that is entirely open plan can hinder teamwork and collaboration. Researchers put this down to people thinking that they are being watched while they engaged in creative tasks, so social pressures—knowing that others are watching – limits the degree to which workers might creatively solve a problem and therefore be more productive. The workers worry more about looking busy than concentrating on the job at hand.

What’s the Solution?

Whiteleys can work with you to create a variety of rest and break-out areas that can actually help to improve productivity. These spaces are perfect for getting away from a noisy office. In addition to canteen areas, other areas can be created where employees can concentrate on an important job. Using zonal storage dividers, booths, pods, high back sofas and break-out furniture are all great ways to provide areas for staff where they will naturally come together to collaborate and bounce ideas between each other.


Each office will have different needs and most offices will need standard desking areas, but having available spaces for collaboration will benefit most businesses. The goal is to create the right balance for your business to encourage a productive and contended work force.


This is where you will find Whiteleys’ experienced and knowledgeable account managers are invaluable, as we work with you to develop the best plan to meet the needs of your business.

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