September 7, 2020

Choosing the Right Office Chair

In an office, you would likely spend most of your hours on your chair, trying to get work done. The biggest favour you should do yourself is getting the right office chair that would save you a discomforting experience while on, and also away, from the chair. Work related musculoskeletal conditions can not be disconnected from spending long hours in a poor posture offered by uncomfortable chairs, and to address this ugly situation, I’ve this for you.

Are you about to get some chairs for your office? Or are you considering upgrading those you have for a more healthy experience? Look here. Good looking office furniture could have magical effects, but beyond that, this article would examine the key qualities to look out for in an office chair. But before going into that, the image below would proffer some key insights.

Seat height

One imperative quality in an office chair should be adjustability options. Understanding potential users would be of varying shapes and sizes, office chair height should be easily adjustable. It would also allow users to adjust its height so as to commensurate office desks. This is easily achievable with a pneumatic adjustment lever.

Lumbar support

This is a non-negotiable quality to look out for in ergonomic chairs. As the lumbar spine is, inherently, with the inward curve, predisposed to musculoskeletal deformities, it is important to make a choice of an office chair that would offer a considerable level of support for the lower spine. The lumbar support should also be adjustable, both in height and depth, so as to be perfectly usable for a range of individuals.


From research, it is said that a 100 degree angle or something close to that is optimal for the spine to arrest compression and pressure while on a chair. This points that a chair should have an adjustable backrest, in forward and backward angles, so as to provide optimum support for the spine. It is also an advantage for the chair to come with a locking mechanism that would stabilise an appropriated angle by the user. The image below would bring to perspectives some of the benefits of ensuring an ergonomic seating.

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