Case Studies

  • Location:Watford
  • Sector: Online Trading
  • Project:Furniture for New Office
  • Circa: £18,000

RSI Solutions Ltd.

RSI Solutions are an online trading company based in Watford who contacted Whiteleys regarding a forthcoming move to their new headquarters.

Their requirement was to accommodate their traders in a large open plan area. This was going to give a unique challenge as each trader required privacy while also working within a large team that are sat close together. The nature of their work would have high noise levels and it would be very difficult to be heard on the phone.

Each team member would need to be monitored by a team leader while said team leader would need visual contact with the team at all times.

Whiteleys suggested a system of screen hung worktops with each top surrounded by acoustic floor standing screens to create a private booth for each trader. A perspex panel positioned at the top of each side screen would allow the team leader to view everyone sat along the bank of desks.

The options for seating was also a difficult decision for RSI as they wanted a standard chair throughout the office but as with any office, it had to accommodate a wide range of sizes. The office trialled a range of chairs and eventually opted for a very comfortable, ergonomic designed chair that allowed adjustment to suit most body types.

Upon completion of the project, the team at RSI were happy with how everything came together.

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