October 25, 2022

Can a height adjustable desk help you?

There is popular belief that living a sedentary lifestyle can be dangerous to your health and extended sitting at your desk for long periods of time comes with health concerns.

We need to be more active by moving around during the working day and standing is regarded as physical activity.

Height adjustable desks allow you to be mobile during the day by alternating sitting and standing positions. These desks can be kept at stand height or be adjustable to move up and down.

Standing may not appear to be strenuous exercise but to stand we must engage our core muscles to remain stable and upright. Having a standing desk encourages people to spend more time on their feet and this has been proven to energise the work force making them less sluggish and more productive. Other benefits including better posture and blood circulation which improves alertness and concentration.

The range of desks are available with both electric height adjustable desks and manual height adjustable desks, and they come in a variety of shapes, styles and colours to not only compliment your needs but also the theme and colour scheme of your offices.

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