October 7, 2013

Bisley Storage Units

Bisley Office Furniture is a UK manufacturer of steel storage for the office. Operating from Bisley in Surrey and Newport and South Wales. We here at Whiteleys office Supplies, sell many of Bisley products but our top range are the Bisley Tambours and Filing Cabinets and I am going to talk about them.

Bisley Tambours and Filing Cabinets are the most popular because they can multi-task to any office need and only take up a little bit of space but can store so much. What is so great about these storage units is they come in sizes so can replace an old cupboard or sit nicely under the window or can create another pedestal next to your desk, this is all possible and Whiteleys are very happy to help and equip you with the right storage unit.

The Bisley Tambour cupboards are the most popular bought storage unit because it’s the most reliable and multi use unit around. Bisley Tambours come with doors that simply slide open and away into the sides of the unit with a lockable system. Bisley’s Tambour cupboards save on space and budget and allows you to design any size, colour and layout to suit your office. Bisley Tambours can be equipped with Roll-out shelves, drawers, filing frames and rails which is all be hidden inside the tambours. Bisley storage tambours have been designed and built to maximise storage capacity and make the most of valuable office space.

The Bisley Filing cabinet is strong and quiet. Its fully-welded carcase makes it suitably robust, while roller bearing slides ensure ultimate ease of use. The Bisley Filing cabinet drawers even closes quietly even with the lightest touch. It comes in two, three, four and five-drawer versions and a choice of fronts in any design or style you require. With a wide choice of internal fitments to choose from, the Bisley Filing cabinet can be tailored to a multi use storage unit to help your filing system and workplace. They can accommodate anything from general storage through to filing with roll-out filing frames, slotted shelves, rails and roll-out media drawers.

The Bisley Lockers offer a functional yet classy solution for secure personal storage in commercial or public premises. Bisley Locker have a wide range of sizes, design and colours with a choice of single, two, four and six doors. Bisley Lockers have an added feature to make them multipurpose with an under shelf coat hook in two door lockers, with an under shelf coat rail for multiple hangers in the single door locker. Bisley lockers can provide a large number of solutions, with a vast choice of internals and accessories for further customisation, all the while maintaining consistency of design and quality, fundamental to the modern office.

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