August 3, 2016

Bisley Lockers

When it comes to ensuring that you’re leaving a sound impression on your employees, you need to provide them with the right supplies. The range of Bisley Lockers are one of the most versatile storage forms you can get, and here at Whiteleys Office Supplies we have ensured that you get the very best lockers on the market. Here you can find hundreds of lockers, which are available in different shapes, colours, and sizes, while we also provide different finishes for all lockers.




Now all of these lockers are suitable for businesses, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a small business or a large business. Whiteleys are providing businesses with a wide range of lockers that are suitable for offices and businesses all across the UK. We have made sure that the lockers we provide are available for businesses in London, while all of the furniture will be completely assembled in London.



At Whiteleys, we make sure that you only get high quality lockers that can be used in any situation that you deem fit. The lockers that we provide are available in different colours and will work for your company when it comes to style. We also offer lockers that match the tone of your business, and provide you with a range of designer lockers that will match with the design of your office space.

The reason Whiteleys is highly regarded in the industry is because we are masters of offering you with furniture that is versatile and durable. Here are some of the reasons why you should acquire lockers from us:

  • Various sizes
  • Stunning Designs
  • Strong Structure
  • Robust
  • Multi-use Storage unit
  • Locking system


Bisley Lockers

Here at Whiteleys we provide you with the complete range of lockers, which are available in different colours and sizes. We ensure fast delivery for these lockers and have the best prices for them. The lockers are classy and functional, while they can also be bolted and unbolted extremely quickly, while you can expand any locker that you require.

Our locker range provides you with a secure personal storage, which can also be placed in public or commercial premises. The best part is that you can choose these lockers from a wide range of designs, colours, and sizes to match with your business requires. These lockers have two, four, and even six doors, so you will not be short of space for storage.

You can also get additional parts for your lockers, which can include under-shelf coat-hooks with two door lockers, or an under-shelf coat rail that has multiple hangers with a single door locker.

Lockers can offer you with a large number of solutions, since they can be customised to meet your requirements, while still meeting your conditions of design and quality, which are important for all modern offices. The ventilation holes can be found on the top and bottom guarantee you with 5 years of outstanding performance.

If you have further questions or want to discuss more about Bisley lockers, you can contact us through the contact form or contact our friendly customer service team by calling 020 8313 3344, and we will email you the images and various prices if required.

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