December 1, 2015

Tips on How to Make Your Workspace More Productive and Impactful

To stay successful in today’s overly competitive corporate world, businesses need to focus on two things; increasing employee productivity and enhancing their customer base. Now, this doesn’t mean you make your employees work extra hours, as that’s only going to lower their motivation level and increase your employee turnover, and that’s definitely something no employer wants! What we suggest instead is that you to redo your interior. That’s right; selecting the right pieces of office furniture is all you need, to take your business to greater heights. And that’s not an overstatement.

Here are some tips to help you get going:

1.     Select Office Furniture That Reflects Your Brand Image

How you decorate your workplace says a lot about your business and professionalism to your clients. So, it’s extremely important make sure that your office décor reflects your strong brand image and makes an impactful first impression on your customers.

For example, if your brand values are innovation and creativity, then consider decorating your workplace with vibrant, unique and creative furniture that complements and matches with your brand. Not only will this help foster creativity and innovation among the employees but also make a solid impression on your clients who have selected to work with you because of your creative edge. This will mostly certainly reaffirm their decision of working with your team the moment they enter your business premises.

2.     Comfort Is Important

Always make sure that the office furniture you pick meets both, the health and safety standards. Employee comfort is important because that’s the only way you can increase their productivity and reduce absenteeism. Offices equipped with ergonomically constructed chairs and desks can help reduce employee absenteeism and increase work performance.

Studies show that back pain is the most common reason for missed work and second most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office. And some of the common reasons for the increasing number of patients suffering from back and neck pain include:

  • Poor sitting posture
  • Long work hours
  • Stress at workplace

So, select office furniture that is comfortable for your staff to prevent your team members from suffering from back pain and other injuries.

3.     Invest in High Quality Furniture

When buying workplace furniture, never compromise on quality! Remember, your employees and clients will be using it frequently, so you definitely want furniture that lasts for years. Investing in low quality furniture will only add to your business expense, as you will have to get it replaced more often.

Browse through our wide range of high-quality, ergonomically constructed and contemporary office furniture. From reception desks to boardroom chairs and wall storage, we have everything you need under one roof. For more information or assistance, call us at 020-8313-3344. Our team of friendly representatives is just a call away!

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