January 24, 2020

The Best Office Chairs For Back Support

The typical office worker, regardless of the type of company, spends an inordinate amount of time in their chair at their desk. If that chair is poorly designed and/or poorly constructed the staff member is likely to develop back pain that could become a chronic health issue. When it comes to office chairs then, proper back support needs to be baked into the design. Or else your staff members will end up spending as much time at the doctor’s office as they spend in your office. Let’s look at some of the things that make for a good ergonomic office chair with back support.

The Ergonomics of Back Support

When a person sits in an office chair it should provide stout lumbar support. That means the natural curve in the small of the back should dovetail with the shape of the chair behind it. The best office chairs for back support are designed in such a way as to follow the natural curvature of the spine from top to bottom. With a particular emphasis on lumbar support.

Why lumbar support? Because anytime you sit in a chair gravity pulls your body downward creating excessive pressure on the lower part of the back, the lumbar region. If the office chair does not provide proper support, the lumbar region can take on an unnatural curve that can lead to all manner of short and long-term back problems.

A properly designed chair with adequate lumbar support should:

. Keep back, hips and shoulders in proper alignment

. Provide an inward curve at the base of the chair back that mimics the shape of the lumbar region

. Fend off back pain, sciatica, and other issues associated with inadequate support

While it is crucial that an office chair provides the above benefits, it must do so in a way that is easy on the back and encourages a natural seated position. Poorly designed back support mechanisms are just as bad as no back support.

The Best Office Chairs for Back Support

The following are considered some of the best office chairs on the market when it comes to back support.

The Mereo

The Mereo is a sharp-looking contemporary office chair that comes in high and low-back models. It provides exactly the type of lumbar support we discussed above, and does so without compromising on aesthetics. Taller employees will likely require the high-back model, while others should enjoy all the back support they need for long hours at their desk from the low-back model. The Mereo also offers adjustable armrests and overall height adjustment so that the occupant can customize the chair to their precise physiology.

If you have questions regarding ergonomic office chairs, contact Whiteleys Office Furniture today on 020 8313 3344.

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