May 12, 2017

Benefits of Glass Partitions for Offices


Glass Partitions for Offices

A lot of businesses today have opted to choose different types and styles of office partitions in order to save space and ensure greater productivity in the workplace and Glass partions for Offices are one popular option.

However, not all offices share the same floor plan, which makes it imperative that you first understand your Glass Partition office needs and culture before making changes to the office floor. Glass partitions not only offers privacy but also helps restrict loud noises in the workplace.

If you have chosen to add glass partitions for your office, then you need to decide about the color and texture. To help you choose the right glass partition for your office, here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy with this option.


Amazing Aesthetics

Glass office partitions are always aesthetically majestic to look at, and the frosted look is always a winner in glass partitions. It is easily applied to the glass, and is either sand blasted or etched into the glass, giving it an amazing look. Glass partitions are a great way to improve the overall aesthetics of your workplace and allow you to improve work productivity.

Highly Durable

One of the main benefits of these glass partitions for offices is that they are extremely durable and will easily withstand the wear and tear of everyday usage. If you choose frosted film, this is applied on the surface of the glass and will not bubble, curl, or shrink due to water, cold, or heat. If you do accidently break your partition, the frosted glass will hold the shards in place, until you get it replaced or repaired. This makes it an ideal option to have in the workplace.


Easy Maintenance

Another great benefit of  glass partitions in offices is that they require very little maintenance, and this allows you to enjoy greater workplace freedom. You don’t need to worry about constantly cleaning the glass office partition, because they can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Get Complete Privacy

One of the main reasons why so many people prefer frosted glass office partitions in the workplace is because they provide complete privacy. Many people assume that glass office partitions will mean that they are in full view of the entire office but with frosted glass you don’t have to worry about that. The frosted glass will allow maximum sunlight to penetrate the glass, but will not show the features and face of the person because of the frosted glass.


Very Versatile

Glass partitions for offices are versatile and will go along with almost any style and interior décor that you have chosen to install in the workplace. It doesn’t matter whether your office is old fashioned, outdated or is newly renovated, frosted glass partitions will match with anything. They will also enhance the overall look of your office space, and you can have your designs, logos, and signs printed on them to bring more creativity and flair to the office workspace.

Why not contact us here at Whiteleys as we have a great deal of knowledge and experience in supplying and installing glass partitions for offices.  We can offer you free measuring and space planning to help you decide on the best options for the partitoning. Tel 020 8 313 3344

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