April 17, 2014

Bench Desks in the Office

Whether your office is large or small, making the best use of the space available can have a huge impact on the day to day running of your workplace. It can become a lot more stressful if you constantly have to weave your way in and around bulky or ill fitting desks while trying to get back to your own workstation, so adequate desks will both reduce stress and improve the general feel of the office.

Whiteleys Office is dedicated to supplying businesses with modern bench desks of varying sizes designed to suit the individual tone of your space. Plus with an aesthetically pleasing, uniform look you will convey an air of confidence and professionalism to any clients or visitors.

With a wide variety of different designs available in a range of sizes, our bench desks are modern and stylish, making the best use of the space available while still taking quality finishes into account. And at Whiteleys, we understand the importance of good cable management in a busy office, so many of our bench desks are also designed with your IT infrastructure in mind, to ensure that there are no loose cables hanging around or left looking untidy.

From small scale offices of two to four people per desk to larger offices with up to eight people per desk, Whiteleys can supply a complete range of bench desks with storage and customisation options available no matter what your precise needs.

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